(Unlimited Hot Drink With Digital Automat)
1 Booth Hostess
1 Digital Coffee Automat
Nescafe, Cappuccino, Espresso
UNLIMITED Paper Cups, Mixers, Sugar and tea, Coffee, Cappuccino, Milk Powder.
Service Cost: € 500 + VAT
(Hot/Soft Drinks With Bar Set-up)
1 Booth Hostess
1 Turkish Coffee Machine
Hot/Soft Drinks
Nescafe, Cappuccino, Espresso
UNLIMITED Paper Cups, Mixers, Sugar and tea, Coffee, Cappuccino, Milk Powder.
Service Cost: € 500 + VAT
(Unlimited Catering and Drinks)
VIP Set-up
Table Decoration, Glass Plates, Napkin Holders, Ash trays.
Hot/Soft Drinks
Nescafe, Turkish Coffee, Steep Tea, Sof Drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Fruit Juices, Lemonade) with bar set-up.
Unlimited Catering
UNLIMITED Sweet – Salty Biscuits, Dried Fruits, Paper Cups, Glass Plates, Napkins, Garbage Package and serving tray.
Service Cost: € 750 + VAT
Nescafe, Cappuccino, Espresso
UNLIMITED Paper Cups, Mixers, Sugar and tea, Coffee, Cappuccino, Milk Powder.
Service Cost: € 250 + VAT
Paper Glasses, Mixers, Sugar, Coffee, Tea and Cappuchino
Service Cost: € 200 + VAT
Service Cost: € 170 + VAT
Table/Chair Set
Service Cost: € 170 + VAT
CleaningPersonnel& Equipment
Service Cost: € 100 + VAT
Mini Fridge
Service Cost: € 170 + VAT
Popcorn Cart (1000 package)
Service Cost: € 800 + VAT
-Congress Hostesses
-Trade Show Hostesses
-Model Hostesses
-Guest Transfer
-Public Relations
-Protocol Hostesses
-Chairs and Tables Rental
-Coffee Break
-Gala Dinners
-Business Lunches
-Catering for Events
-Kitchenware Rental
-On-site Halls
-Business Breakfasts
-Catering for Trade Shows
-Cocktails and Drinks
-Waiter Service
-Company Parties
-Film Set Catering
Material Rental
-Stand Rental
-Computer Equipment Rental
-Plants Rental
-Kitchenware Rental
-Stages and Platforms
-Trade Show Furniture Rental
-Generator Rental
-Marquee Rental
-Projection Equipment
-Plasma Screen Rental
-Lighting Rental
-Air Conditioning and Heating Rental
-Toilet Rental
-Chairs and Tables Rental
-Video Camera Rental
Event Organization
-Gastronomic Events
-Group Activities
-Technical Event Production
-Promotional Marketing
-Company Parties
-Congress Organisers
-Adventure Events
-Gala Dinners
-Company Presentations
-Original Events
-Show Room
-Training Events
-Product Presentations
-Coaching Events
-Portable Stands
-Stand Design
-Stand Lighting
-Modular Stand
-Stand Rental
-Stand Construction
-Trade Show Stand Transport
-Trade Show Displays
-Stand Set Up
-Stand Decoration
-Designer Stand
Event Personnel
-Protocol Hostesses
-Valet Attendant
-Chauffeurs and Drivers
-Public Relations
-Cinema and Events Specialists
-Security Guards
-Congress Hostesses
-Security Guards
-Trade Show Hostesses
-Tour Guides
-Car Park Attendant
-Medical Assistance
-Model Hostesses
-Celebrity Doubles
Why Solarex Ýstanbul?
The opportunity of partaking in a commercial platform in which the latest technology in the world and the new products produced in Turkey are altogether. The opportunity of watching various activities, which visitors can participate in, as well as symposiums and firm conferences free of charge. A broad networking opportunity with CEOs, senior managers, purchasing directors, manufacturers, consumers, domestic and foreign representatives of world solar energy sector.
Solarex Fair ISTANBUL
Cells, modules, Inverters, measurement and control technologies, chargers, batteries, cables, connectors, connection boxes, solar tracking systems, mounting systems, installation apparatus, building integrated solutions (BIPV), “Stand Alone” systems, solar power plants, energy storage systems, consumer products assembled with sun, wafers, material and production equipment…

Solar Heat Systems
Absorbers, coatings, collectors, connection pieces, expansion tanks, degasifier, heat transfer fluids, measurement and control technologies, mounting systems, storage tanks, production technologies and equipment, ventilation, refrigeration, building integrated solutions, heat treatment, solar thermal power plants…

Research and development, test institutes, sectoral press and other publishers, education, financing, organizations, foundations, consulters…
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